Signature card

eANVportal® CARD creates a signature each time the PIN is input.


Our signature cards - Product properties:

  • All components are customized to work together
  • General restriction to eANV possible
  • Also available as a multi-signature card, with no limit to the number of signatures
  • Easy annual billing through Axians eWaste – yearly cancelable
  • Up-to-date ECC encryption procedure (just like the procedure in use for new personal IDs – highly secure and fast!)
  • Never worry about lost PIN numbers again – cards can be reactivated via PIN2 (PUK)
  • Easy to obtain – Post-ID process, meaning a post office is always nearby! Now also available with official ID processes or through our certified employees.
  • “Easy update” – if your card becomes invalid, you can download a new certificate for it online. No re-registration is required if your card expires.
  • Qualified electronic signatures with provider accreditation. Your certificate is stored for 30 years for certification security!
  • Quick card delivery in just a few days after you submit your registration application.

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